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About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

What is an STD? STD stands for "sexually transmitted disease." STDs are passed from one person to another during sexual activity, including oral sex and skin to skin contact. Often, you may not know if you are infected with an STD because you may not have obvious symptoms like a rash. For this reason, STDs can go undetected, and those who are infected may unknowingly spread an STD. Getting STD testing is the only foolproof way to know if you are STD-free. Let us help you maintain your sexual wellness, and order your STD test today.

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STD Testing Detroit offers you reliable and private STD testing at an affordable price. We offer comprehensive STD screening for the eight most prevalent STDs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes I and II, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

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Because we work with labs all over Wayne County, you can visit a lab that's most convenient for you. Each testing center employs certified phlebotomists that emphasize the highest level of comfort and privacy for our patients. Each test involves only a blood or urine sample; no painful swabbing is involved. After your test, you'll receive your results within 3 business days, and they will be kept private, unless you wish to share them. In the event that you test positive, you can consult with one of our doctors over the phone. This consult comes at no extra cost as part of the services we provide to you.

Reviews from our patients

I have been struggling to get an autoimmune thyroid disease under control for three years and experiencing multiple symptoms, many of which are similar to early HIV infection (fevers, night sweats, recurrent yeast infections). Although I personally don't engage in risky behavior, you never fully know if your spouse has been 100% faithful. This service allowed me to rule out the possibility that HIV was the cause of my symptoms and focus my attention on the thyroid condition. Anonymous patient
Like many others, the thought of getting tested aroused fear, anxiety, and tons of stress for me. I lost countless hours of sleep, a lot of weight due to not eating, and happiness. The only way to overcome that fear is simply getting tested. Your health is the most important thing! The lab staff where I was tested, STDtestexpress customer service, and results came through quickly (less than 72 hours), privately, and best of all, in a friendly and understanding manner. Thanks for everything! Anonymous patient
You have the most helpful customer service reps I've ever spoken with. They made this experience incredibly easy and substantially less of a worry. Plus, the actual test results are quick, east to access. Very impressive service overall. Thanks again. Anonymous patient

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Need assistance? Care advisors are available 7am-11pm EST, 7 days a week
(866) 765-6614(866) 765-6614